Google shares 86.02% of Total Market Share

64% of Mobile Searches Take Place on Google

If it’s hard for you to find your own business in Google, never dream about others coming to your website on Google. If you are reading this in 2020, you understand that showcasing your work, products means you’re ready to sell your products. Before you want to sell your services to your customers, you might want them to see it. At 2Gen Digital Marketing, we help small to large businesses retarget their prospective customers via Google and Social Media Campaigns.


Google! Google Adwords can vitalize your business, help to live and grow and bring the right customers to your store and office. Can you imagine there are more than 2.5 million small to medium-sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand and only 20%(500K Stores) of them have an online store? Imagine being a customer who is seeking for a product needs to go through 500K stores. Now, would you run an effective campaign or would you love to get lost in the crowd? Let us help you stand front in line with the right product.

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