Best PTE Centre

How BPC Generated 400,000+ Impressions and 175 Leads in $400 Only

Best PTE Centre is an Australia based Pearson’s First Valued Partner for Nepal established with the motive to boost English as a second language speaking students for their future settlement and abroad study.

BPC visited 2Generations to promote their services in social media, search engines and increase enrollment by 35% in the first quarter.

175 Leads with Visitors Rate 165%


2Generations Digital Marketing started with web optimisation of BPC
with simple tweaks in the website. We created video assets, graphics
and image assets to help run the campaigns smoothly. As one of the
best digital marketing agency, we integrated social media campaigns for
brand awareness and lead generation along with automated email campaigns.


  • Optimising Existing Website for Search Engines
  • Social Media Campaigns for Brand Awareness
  • Increase ROI by 35% in the First Quarter
  • Lead Nurture Email Campaigns
  • Creating Sales Copies and Scripts for Email Campaigns
  • Increase Enrolments
  • Create Brand Videos and Assets

Result Achieved

In the first 20 days of our campaigns, we achieved 150 leads with 20% conversion rate.

Week 1 – 300% growth in online engagement

Week 2 – 325% growth on online engagement

Week 3 – 389% growth on online engagement

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